How to get connection's speed?

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Beitragvon Ignat » Donnerstag 21. August 2003, 18:53

May be this question dont have answer with Perl, but I try...
Do anybody know how to get connections speed? I mean, for example, I have my own web-page somewhere in web. And some user try to load my page. I want the server to send user the answer depended on connetions speed (for example, if he has nearly 3-4 Kb/s - one page, else - other page...).
How to write such CGI?
Or I should use something else? [_[
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Beitragvon butterkeks » Samstag 6. Dezember 2003, 19:14

Take a look at the "timer::hires" and "LWP" CPAN modules.
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