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Beitragvon Ignat » Mittwoch 10. Dezember 2003, 23:23

Hi, everybody!
I need help in such question:
Ive installed Red Hat 9. And I want to run PHP-script in browser...
At first I run httpd.
Then I added .php to cgi-bin directory - but I got only errors!
I tryed Perls CGI - no problem, but with PHP..
The PHP script is OK (I run it on Windows - NP. Something like "[?php echo "Hello! ?]).
May be I should make some settings in httpd.conf? Or something else?
What should I do?
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Beitragvon Marwin » Freitag 12. Dezember 2003, 15:12

Maybe you can post the occured errors?

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