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Beitragvon Ignat » Mittwoch 27. August 2003, 02:26

For example, I have 2 windows, created by myself.
What code I should write for this thing:
I want one window not stay on another window.
I mean if I drop one window I cannt "shadowed" another:
I move mouse, but my window dont moving...
Do you understand me?
(I ask because of my bad English, aber mein Deutsch ist knorriger...:D )
How to write this?
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Beitragvon Marwin » Montag 1. September 2003, 15:00

Ich weiß nicht, was du meinst. Kannst du vielleicht einen Screenshot zeigen?

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Beitragvon butterkeks » Samstag 6. Dezember 2003, 19:11

I think you need "SetWindowPos" for acomplishing this.
Not sure about the parameters, though, but there shall be a nice explanation at msdn.
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